Should a Pork Shoulder Be Covered With Foil While Roasting?

should-pork-shoulder-covered-foil-roasting Credit: Simon Doggett/CC-BY 2.0

Some recipes require a foil cover while roasting a pork shoulder, while others do not. Cooks who are following a recipe should read the instructions carefully to determine if there is a requirement to cover the pork with foil at any point during the roasting process.

The roasted pork shoulder recipe by Tyler Florence on the Food Network website states that the cook should leave the pork uncovered while roasting it in the oven. The garlic-roasted pork shoulder recipe by Maggie Ruggiero on the Epicurious website instructs the cook to cover the pork with parchment paper and foil for the first part of the roasting process, but later requests the cook to remove these coverings. The slow-roasted pork shoulder with mustard and sage recipe by Colu Henry on the Bon Appétit website advises that covering the pork with foil is only necessary if it browns too rapidly.