When Should I Plant Lupin Seeds?


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The best time to plant lupine seeds directly into the ground is between September and November in temperate climates and throughout the winter in warmer regions. They can also be started from seed indoors during the late winter for transplanting in the spring.

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Seeds can be treated to speed up the process of germination by nicking the seeds in the side and placing them in a glass of water for 24 hours. These can be planted directly into the ground during the spring and summer, and they will generally not bloom until the next year. Lupine seeds can also be treated by placing them on a moist paper towel inside a sealed plastic bag and storing the bag in a cold place for about a week.

Lupine seeds germinated indoors on sunny windowsills need to be transplanted to the garden when they are still quite young, because they have a taproot rather than a fibrous root system.

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