What Are Some Shortcuts for Making Baked Cabbage Casserole?


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Shortcuts used in making an easy layered baked cabbage casserole include quartering a head of cabbage, removing its core and stacking the leaves together so they are easily cut into thin strips. Another shortcut is using instant rice, which cooks quicker than non-instant rice.

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When making a layered baked casserole dish, use the shortcut for preparing the cabbage to produce 8 cups of shredded cabbage. Cook the cabbage with chopped onions in a skillet pan until tender, and remove from the pan. In the same pan, cook 1 pound of ground beef until brown, and stir in 2 cups of either brown or white uncooked instant rice, reduced-sodium tomato soup and water. Place one-third of the cabbage in a baking dish, layer half of the meat mixture on top, and repeat both layers. Cover and bake at 350 F for 60 minutes.

An easy baked cabbage casserole recipe from Campbellskitchen.com is made with just four ingredients, and uses a can of cream of mushroom soup as a shortcut. To make this recipe cut a large head of cabbage into large pieces and cook the cabbage in a large pot until tender. Brown 1 pound of ground beef in a large skillet and drain. Alternate layers of cabbage, beef and soup in a baking dish and top with shredded mild cheddar cheese.

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