Which Shellfish Are High in Cholesterol?


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Shrimp is potentially the outlier that gives all shellfish a reputation for being high in cholesterol, suggests Dr. Gourmet's website. Shrimp contains 200 milligrams per every 4 ounces. The San Francisco Chronicle also calls out squid for its 230 milligrams per 100 gram serving.

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Shellfish that are lower in cholesterol include clams, mussels, sea scallops, oysters, lobster and crab meat. For the most part shellfish is low in cholesterol, with approximately 50 milligrams per serving, states the San Francisco Chronicle. Cooking methods often introduce more cholesterol to the dish. Dr. Gourmet states that frying clams is not healthy and that buttering lobster introduces significant quantities of fat into an otherwise low-fat meat.

Health concerns about the amount of cholesterol in various foods is somewhat distorted, reports SPE Certified. Although everyone should monitor the overall amounts of cholesterol they consume, most of the body's blood cholesterol is produced in the liver, after saturated fats are consumed. This means that ingesting foods high in cholesterol is not the primary factor contributing to cardiovascular-related problems.

It's more important to moderate the amount of saturated fat consumed in order to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, maintains SPE Certified. Since most shellfish contains little fat, they are a considerably healthier choice than many other protein options.

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