How Do You Serve Panettone?

serve-panettone Credit: Angelo Cavalli/Getty Images

One can serve panettone in a variety of ways including as a dessert or for breakfast. One way to serve panettone is as thin vertical slices with whipping cream and a dessert wine after a meal.

Toasted slices of this bread can be served with cappuccino for breakfast or as an afternoon snack with espresso. Serving French toast with panettone is another option.

Panettone is a traditional Italian sweet bread served on special occasions and for holidays, such as Christmas and New Year’s Day.This bread originated in Milan in the 1400s, and there are many legends connected to its name.

Panettone is a type of fruit cake that is dome-shaped and tall. It often takes two to three days to proof. To bake this bread, bakers also use a paper mold. The ingredients used to make this soft and yellow sweet bread are flour, sugar, yeast, raisins, butter, candied citrus peel, egg yolks and salt.