How Do You Separate a Mixture of Salt and Pepper?

Separate salt and pepper by using static electricity on wool to attract the pepper. This process takes only a couple of minutes. You need a piece of paper or a petri dish, salt, pepper, a ruler and a piece of wool fabric.

  1. Pour the mixture on the paper

    Pour the mixture of salt and pepper onto a piece of paper or into a petri dish.

  2. Electrify the ruler

    Vigorously scrub the ruler with a piece of 100-percent wool fabric. This process transfers electrons from the wool to the ruler, giving the ruler a negative charge in opposition to the neutral charge of the pepper particles.

  3. Hold the ruler above the salt and pepper mixture

    Hold the ruler above the salt and pepper mixture. The pepper should attach to the ruler, leaving the salt on the paper. This occurs because the negatively charged ruler interacts with the neutrally charged pepper, resulting in positive induction. Induction can occur when something is in the proximity but not fully in contact with something else that has been electrified. In this case, the electrified body is the ruler. When the pepper undergoes induction, it flies up to attach itself to the ruler, separating itself from the salt..