How Do You Send ICare Commissary Packages?

Order iCare's commissary packages through the Aramark iCare website. Approved care packages may be sent to inmates in correctional facilities for birthdays, holidays and other occasions.

From the iCare main page, enter the name of the recipient's correctional facility, and select one of the care packages approved for it. Create an iCare account by clicking the Login button and following the instructions to validate your email. Once your account has been created, go to the iCare home page, and select the category you wish to shop from. Search for an inmate by entering at least three letters of the inmate's name. When you locate the inmate, click the Select and Add button next to the inmate's name. When the inmate's name appears on the page, select the quantity of care packages, and write a message to the recipient if desired. Next, click Add to Cart.

The item you selected should appear in the shopping cart in the upper-right corner of the screen. Click the icon to view the contents of the cart, and click Proceed to Checkout to complete your order. Pay using Visa or MasterCard. Wait for the package to arrive on the correctional facility's next permitted delivery date, which is listed on the iCare website.