Who Sells Shaved Ice?


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Shaved ice and snow cone stands sell shaved ice in the United States, according to Side Dish. Vendors in Japan, Cuba, Mexico, Thailand and several other nations provide different forms of shaved ice to customers.

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Shaved ice differs from the typical snow cone in size and texture. It is finer and softer, leading sellers in places like New Orleans to pair it with sugar cane syrup, creating a dessert known as a snowball. Countries like Taiwan and Indonesia add cream, fruit and sugar to shaved ice to create a dessert called snow ice. Snow ice is typically sold in a cone. Some vendors add a garnish of condensed milk known as a snow cap on top of shaved ice.

In Hawaii, shaved ice is commonly served over a scoop of ice cream or bean paste. Customers can select which flavors of ice and ice cream they prefer at many locations, such as Ululani's Hawaiian Shave Ice. Flavors range from almond to blue raspberry to watermelon to wedding cake. Hawaiian shaved ice may be purchased in a plastic or paper cup. Hawaiian shaved ice is also known as Japanese-style shaved ice in some areas, such as on Maui and part of O'ahu.

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