How Do You Sell Pecans?

How Do You Sell Pecans?

Many people sell pecans to family or friends. Those with a lot of pecans to sell may find success selling them to a local bakery or grocery store.

When it's time to sell, offer the nuts to family and friends first as these are the easiest people to sell to. Establishing a customer base with a retail outlet may be difficult at first but some pecan sellers have luck selling to retail outlets located in areas where pecans are hard to come by. In some cases, advertising on the Internet may be a wise choice for those selling pecans.

Craigslist is a good way to sell pecans on the Internet, and a search will provide a list of farmer's markets in the area at which pecan farmers can sell their stock. If there are a lot of pecans to sell, check with a wholesaler, but note that the price per pound offered may be less than selling at a farmer's market or other venue.

Try selling pecans to shellers around the area. Shellers typically have a loyal customer base that patiently waits for the years crops to start coming in and shellers offer top dollar for quality pecans. Shellers are always on the lookout for quality sellers.

Before selling pecans, be sure no food license is necessary. Check with the local government for more information.