How Do You Search for a Good Wine?

How Do You Search for a Good Wine?

Reputable culinary websites and publications by respected wine experts are reliable sources of quality vintages at multiple price points, especially inexpensive wines. Occasionally,, and Oz Clarke share lists of "best wines" or "good wines." Consulting such sources is one way to search for good wine.

The end and the beginning of each year bring "best of" lists from food journalists, wine critics and wine enthusiasts. posts a "best of" list every November.

The list is typically 100 wines strong and includes vintages ranging in price from approximately $10 to $250. judges wines based on excitement, availability, quality and value. It is an admirable list with which to build a comprehensive, beginner's wine collection.

While the "best of" wine lists on do not appear annually or with official fanfare, the magazine's smaller lists of the best wines that typically appear throughout the year are comparable in selection and quality. The "10 Best Bargain Wines in the World" is one such list. The "100 Best Wines for $15 of Less" is extensive and diverse, covering reds, whites, rosés and assorted bargain wines.

Oz Clarke is a world-renowned wine expert who shares his annual list of recommended wines in a publication, "Oz Clarke's Pocket Wine A-Z." With an inveterate enthusiast's vigor and his ear to the ground, Clarke shares firsthand experiences and personal reviews of roughly 7,000 wines and top wine producers.