How Do You Save Money on Groceries?


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Some key methods of saving money on groceries include using coupons, buying generic, utilizing bulk and use of unprocessed foods. Planning ahead and keeping track of what is already in stock in the pantry or refrigerator also helps reduce waste of money and food.

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Coupons can be obtained for free from circulars or newspapers, and there are also sites on the Internet that provide coupons. When used for products already on a shopping list, coupons can reduce weekly spending by roughly $7 per ten minutes of coupon work, according to Parents magazine.

Generic brands are often the same as or very similar to brand names of the same items but are cheaper. Some generic brands are the same product as brand names with no-name packaging.

Foods purchased in bulk are typically cheaper per item. Buying and cooking in bulk is easier when paired with a meal plan. For example, if a meal plan is focused around rice and chicken, purchasing a large bag of rice and package of chicken is cheaper than purchasing a pound at a time.

Prepackaged and processed foods are often more expensive. Use foods from a garden, purchase in-season produce and use the bulk items purchased to cook things from scratch when possible.

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