What Sandwiches Are Usually on the "$5 Footlong" List at Subway?

sandwiches-usually-5-footlong-list-subway Credit: Rafael Castillo/CC-BY 2.0

Subway no longer offers its promotional $5 footlong sub sandwiches in its restaurants, as of July 2015. Subway offers its Simple $6 Menu instead. The Simple $6 Menu offers a choice of black forest ham, Italian B.M.T., meatball marinara, sweet onion chicken teriyaki, tuna or turkey breast subs.

Subway's $5 foot-long sub sandwich promotion began in 2008 at the height of an economic recession, a factor that analysts say was instrumental in the success of the promotion. The promotion actually started in two franchises in Palm Beach/Broward County, Florida in 2004 when a franchise owner offered $5 subs to boost weekend sales in 2004. The promotion slowly moved to a national level, five sub sandwiches were typically offered on the regular Subway menu for $5, with a 10th sandwich chosen as the "Sub of the Month," and varying by month. In the United States, those subs generally included the Black Forest ham, cold-cut combo and pizza sub, among others.

Subway did not require franchises to participate in the promotion, which was scheduled initially as a limited-time offer. Notably, the "$5 Footlong Song" was written by the jingle-firm Tonefarm, and became quite popular.

Interestingly, Subway was sued in 2013 by two New Jersey men who claimed that the chain's foot-long sub sandwiches were not actually a full 12 inches in length, citing deceptive advertising practices.