Which San Francisco Bay Coffee Varieties Are Available As K-Cups?


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San Francisco Bay Coffees available as K-Cups, or OneCups, are French Roast, Organic Rainforest Blend, Espresso Roast and Kona Premium Blend. These flavors have caffeine, but the French Roast is available in a decaffeinated version, too. San Francisco Bay Coffee also sells OneCup portions of its flavored coffees, which are Hazelnut and Donut Shop.

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San Francisco Bay Coffee's single serve packs are marketed as OneCup. They resemble the brand-name K-Cups in pod size and packaging, but are a trademark of a separate company. These single serve packages produce a standard cup of coffee, and are made of biodegradable materials for environmentally friendly disposal.

Customers can purchase boxes of San Francisco Bay Coffee's products in multiple sizes. Standard sizes are boxes of 10, 12, 36 and 80 pods. These boxes contain pods of a single flavor or have a combination of many flavors, such as the Variety Pack.

San Francisco Bay Coffee offers its standard OneCup flavors year-round along with seasonal specialties like pumpkin spice. Seasonal flavors also come in several box sizes, including 12, 18 and 80 count. For convenience, customers can purchase boxes of OneCups at the company's retail stores and online. San Francisco Bay Coffee also creates gift baskets and boxes. Pods are adapted for use in several different Keurig machines, but customers should check before ordering to ensure pods are suitable for their Keurig equipment.

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