What Are Some Sample Menu Plans?


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Sample menu plans are available at the Choose My Plate website. The plans include menus for two weeks, as well as a grocery and pantry stocking list used to obtain ingredients to make the meals. Full recipes are also included.

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The menu plans featured on Choose My Plate's website are meant for families looking to adopt a healthier diet without spending an inordinate amount of money. Kitchen equipment needed includes items that most families have. Lunches are designed to be portable for use at school or work, and they often contain leftovers from a prior meal. Additionally, the meal plans are not static; foods can be swapped from any meal, meal times can be adjusted to fit a complicated work schedule, and healthy snacks such as fruit are encouraged at any time during the day.

Meal plans include recipes from the SNAP-ED Recipe Finder. These are identified in bold text. Those with both bold text and a star beside them equal eight or more servings when fully prepared. Because of the quantity, these recipes are repeated over the two-week course. Choose My Plate recommends preparing the recipe in its entirety the first day it is planned and portioning out the leftovers for subsequent meals.

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