How Is the Saltness of Cured Ham Reduced?

Soaking cured country ham for at least 24 hours in water that is deep enough to cover the entire ham is the best way to reduce its saltiness. Those who prefer a milder salt taste should soak the ham a few hours longer. Additional methods include cooking the ham in sweet liquids, such as apple juice and colas, as the sweetness helps to lessen the impact of the salt.

The curing process used for country ham results in a salty taste that can be overwhelming to some people. Hams cured with dry salt tend to be saltier than those cured in brine, therefore, brine-cured hams can be soaked for a shorter period of time to attain a more palatable level of saltiness. Although soaking country ham in water, juices or cola reduces its saltiness, it is not possible to completely remove the salt content.