What Are Some Salt-Free Diet Menu Options?


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Whole and natural foods, such as a dinner consisting of grilled halibut and a baked sweet potato, are lower-sodium options than processed foods. Another option is substituting spices or other salt-free seasonings in standard recipes.

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One breakfast option that's low in sodium is banana-nut oatmeal. The meal consists of rolled oats cooked with water and flavored with a sliced banana, chopped walnuts and cinnamon. This dish has no sodium. Another breakfast option is a custom-baked low-sodium bagel with no-salt peanut butter. This breakfast includes a medium orange and fat-free milk to round out nutritionally.

A salt-free lunch option consists of a chicken sandwich made from homemade baked chicken on low-sodium bread and flavored with pepper, mustard or balsamic vinegar. A side salad for this sandwich includes a dressing made of mustard and yogurt. Another lunch option is homemade bean soup made from dried beans and flavored with pepper, basil and bay leaves. The stock for the soup should be sodium-free.

A salt-free dinner option is an asparagus-based pasta flavored with parsley, lemon zest and garlic. The vegetables are sautéed then blended with cream. Another option is pairing any grilled or broiled meat with vegetables prepared without salt. For example, a grilled steak served with vegetables seasoned with fresh herbs is a salt-free dinner option.

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