What's a Good Way to Find Some McCall's Cooking School Recipes?

Amazon.com, Biblio, Keener Books and eBay.com are some online booksellers and marketplaces selling McCall's Cooking School recipes. McCall's originally published the cards in sets to fill binders, but it published some recipes in the McCall's Cooking School magazine.

A complete set of McCall's Cooking School recipes fills three binders and includes a four-page introduction, 576 recipe cards and 12 index pages. Each recipe card has a full-color photo of the dish and complete instructions. McCall's arranged the recipes into 18 sections composed of food categories, cooking techniques and tips for entertaining, with the exact breakdown depending on the edition.

Amazon.com lists over 600 items related to McCall's Cooking School recipes, including empty binders, full or partial card sets and single cards. The site also sells copies of the magazine and recipe compendium books from other authors.

Biblio.com acts as a clearinghouse for independent booksellers and carries a large selection of complete recipe sets and recipe cards.

KeenerBooks.com sells a few complete sets but focuses mainly on the individual recipe cards. The appetizer recipes are culturally diverse, including stuffed grape leaves, Chile Rellenos, skewered Japanese nibblers, Chinese barbecued spareribs and Pate Maison.

The McCall's Cooking School items sold on eBay.com range from verified complete sets of bound recipes to empty binders, including unopened recipe sets in the original packaging.