How Is Rosemary Tea Brewed?

How Is Rosemary Tea Brewed?

Rosemary tea is brewed by steeping the herb in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. Steeping the herb longer results in the extraction of more of its oils, but the resulting tea is stronger and more bitter. Users may use either fresh or dried rosemary for the brew.

Rosemary is a native of the Mediterranean area but now grows in warm areas around the world. It is used to flavor food and for medicinal purposes.

Although oil extracts of the herb are available, fresh or dried varieties are best to brew tea. When using a fresh sprig, users can leave the needles on the stem to easily remove the herb once the tea is brewed. Some recipes call for one teaspoon of dried rosemary per cup of boiling water while others recommend a smaller amount.

Rosemary tea can relieve bloating and the herb is believed to offer a number of other health benefits. The herb's antioxidants reduce the formation of carcinogenic compounds when grilling meat, chicken or seafood. It is also believed to help improve memory.

Although rosemary is safe in moderate quantities, large amounts can cause side effects including vomiting and spasms. It can also cause miscarriage and is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women as a supplement, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, but it is safe as a spice in food.