How Do You Roll Fancy Napkins?


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To roll fancy napkins, iron the napkins and fold them into quarters. Roll each napkin into two rolls, secure with napkin rings and turn the napkins over. You need a flat surface, napkins, spray starch, an iron and napkin rings to complete this task.

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  1. Iron the napkins

    Place a napkin on a flat surface and use a warm iron to remove the creases. If needed, stiffen the napkin with spray starch. Repeat the process for all the napkins until they are all flat with no folds or creases.

  2. Fold the napkins

    Fold the napkin in half to form a rectangle. Fold the rectangle in half to form a square. Repeat the process for all the napkins.

  3. Roll the napkins

    Rotate the napkin so it is in a diamond shape. Roll the top corner diagonally to the center of the napkin. Roll the bottom corner diagonally to meet the rolled top corner at the center of the napkin. Repeat the rolling process on the other napkins.

  4. Insert the napkins into the rings

    Secure the rolled napkin with a napkin ring, and turn the napkin over so the smooth side faces up. Repeat the process on the remaining napkins. Finally, set the fancy napkins on the table.

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