How Do You Ripen Strawberries?

ripen-strawberries Credit: Sharon Mollerus/CC-BY 2.0

Unfortunately, once strawberries are picked off the vine, they will not ripen further. When picking strawberries, it is important to choose ones that are red in color, since these will be the most ripe. Similarly, try not to pick berries that are too big because they may have less flavor.

Strawberries are a good source of Vitamin C, and are fat-free. After picking berries, they should be used within a day or two. If buying strawberries, avoid berries with white or green spots on them. It is a good idea to remove the berries from their basket or container so that air can circulate around them. To prevent spoilage, place them in the refrigerator. If the strawberries are not used or eaten right away, they can be cleaned, hulled, placed in a tray and frozen for later use.