How Do You Ripen Bananas Overnight?

ripen-bananas-overnight Credit: Simon Rawles/The Image Bank/Getty Images

It may be necessary to ripen bananas overnight to use them in hot or cold cereal the next day or to make banana bread. Artificial ripening can be achieved by increasing the enzymes in the fruit and prompting the fruit to produce more sugar.

  1. Place overly ripe fruit in a paper bag

    Take a tomato or apple that is just slightly overripe and put it in a paper bag. This fruit causes the banana to release ethylene gas that accelerates the ripening process.

  2. Put the banana in the bag

    Place the banana in the paper bag next to the overly ripe fruit. Close the paper bag.

  3. Store the bag

    Place the paper bag in a cool, dry place. After about a day, the banana is fully ripe and ready to be eaten.