What Are Some Reviews of Hydrox Cookies?

Amazon reviews of Hydrox cookies praise them for being both crunchier and less sweet than competitor's cookies. Where other sandwich cookies on the market merely taste like chocolate, Hydrox cookies taste like cocoa. Reviewers on Amazon also tout Hydrox's cream as the best on the market, as it tastes and feels more like cupcake icing as opposed to the dense, inflexible centers of other sandwich cookies. Additionally, Amazon reviewers claim Hydrox cookies do not crumble easily when dipped into milk.

Hydrox cookies are sandwich cookies that include chocolate cookies and vanilla cream. They are often compared to the Oreo. They are named for the atoms that make up water, as their creators aimed to purvey purity with the moniker.

Hydrox cookies were a product of Sunshine Biscuits, which was taken over by Keebler and later Kellogg's. Under Kellogg's, Hydrox was discontinued in favor of the Famous Amos sandwich cookie brand. However, the cookie was brought back for a limited time during its 100th anniversary year. Apart from the exclusion of trans-fats, the recipe remained the same.

The Hydrox cookie trademark was recently purchased by Leaf Brands, who intend to restart production. The company aims to keep the same recipe and remarkable crunchy texture loved by consumers. Leaf Brands plans to make Hydrox cookies available in major supermarket chains.