What Are Reusable K-Cup Filters Made From?


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Most reusable K-Cup filters are made from a combination of plastic and metal. The Keurig My K-Cup filter, for example, features a plastic frame and a finely perforated metal mesh filter. Reusable K-Cup filters also include a plastic cap to keep the coffee grounds in place and a plastic case that fits into the Keurig machine.

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A number of companies manufacture reusable filters for Keurig machines. Most models use a variation of the My K-Cup design. The Solofill K3 filter integrates the plastic lid and case into one unit. The filter on the K3 is made from micro-foil rather than mesh.

Some reusable K-Cup filters are made from environmentally-friendly materials. The Perfect Pod Eco-Fill capsule features a BPA-free plastic shell and a stainless-steel mesh filter. The steel mesh resists rust and corrosion, even after regular use and frequent washing.

All reusable K-Cup filters are made from materials that resist corrosion, so clean them between uses. Many reusable filters, including the Perfect Pod Eco-Fill capsule and the One All reusable single-serve coffee filter system, are dishwasher-safe.

Reusable filters enable coffee brewers to use their own coffee grounds to brew coffee in Keurig machines. The filters also eliminate the waste generated by disposable K-Cups.

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