What Retailers Sell Sugar-Free Nilla Wafers?

As of 2016, sugar-free Nilla Wafers do not exist. Amazon.com sells a sugar-free vanilla wafer cookie, which Fifty-50 manufactures, but unlike Nilla Wafers, this cookie contains creme filling. Fifty-50 Sugar-Free Vanilla Wafers are low glycemic and contain Nutra Sweet brand sweetener.

Nilla Wafers is a brand of cookies from Nabisco, which introduced the round vanilla cookie in 1967. Consumers sometimes used the term "Nilla Wafer" to refer to generic versions of this cookie. Other Nilla Wafer products available include Reduced Fat Nilla Wafer Cookies, Mini Nilla Wafer Cookies and Nilla Wafer Pie Crust. These products are ingredients for various dessert recipes such as banana cream pie, banana pudding and icebox cakes. Consumers can find these products at stores such as Walmart.

As of 2016, Mondelez Global owns Nabisco. In 1898, the merger of three major U.S. baking companies led to the creation of the National Biscuit Company, which first used the name "Nabisco" in 1901. It officially changed its name in 1971. Over time, it expanded its business and sold products in various countries, including Argentina, China, Nicaragua, Spain and Venezuela. The products sold by Nabisco include Oreo cookies, Chips Ahoy cookies, Triscuit crackers, Ritz crackers and Wheat Thins crackers.