What Are Some Retailers That Sell the Diet Mountain Dew Dale Call?


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While no retail stores currently carry the Diet Mountain Dew Dale Call, it is available from online stores such as Amazon.com. NBC Sports suggests that fans can also find it on the Nascar website or other online outlet stores and at selected racetracks.

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The Diet Mountain Dew Dale Call makes the sound of an engine when an individual blows air into it, and the sound lasts five seconds after the last blow. The pipes positioned on either side of the tube also simultaneously light up. The Dale Call features the Diet Mountain Dew logo as well as the number 88. Although the Dale Call was available on the Nascar website at the end of 2014, as of 2015, Amazon is one of the only online retailers offering the product.

The Diet Mountain Dew Dale Call is a toy based on the 2014 Super Bowl commercial featuring Dale Earnhardt Jr. Much like a duck call summoning a duck with its realistic quacking, the Dale Call summons Dale Earnhardt Jr. with the sound of a revving race car engine. While the first commercial features two hunters calling Dale with the Dale Call, subsequent commercials feature both the race car driver's mother and girlfriend using it.

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