What Are Some Retailers That Sell Coffee Joulies Five Packs?

Coffee Joulies five packs are sold at the Coffee Joulies website, Joulies.com, and at the online retailer Amazon.com. The Shark Tank success website provides a link to purchase the packs, and Retailmenot.com offers various coupons to reduce the price of the Joulies.

As of 2015, Coffee Joulies are listed as $59.95 on the Joulies website and $85.00 on Amazon.com. Coffee Joulies are stainless steel objects that people place in to their coffee to bring the temperature down and then keep it at a steady temperature for a longer period of time. The devices absorb the heat of coffee when it is too hot, store the heat until it reaches the ideal temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit and then release the heat to maintain the temperature.