What Are Some Retailers That Sell Allan Benton's Bacon?

New York City-based Murray's Cheese sells Allan Benton’s bacon nationwide through its partnership with Kroger grocery stores, as of 2016. The James Beard Award-winning smoked pork from Tennessee is also available online through A&B Distributors and the official Benton’s website, BentonsCountryHam.com.

Orders placed through the official Benton's website can take up to 15 days before shipping. The site accepts Visa and MasterCard and sells a variety of smoked and aged hams. T-shirts are also available that have hung in the smokehouse before being packaged.

Murray's Cheese sells Benton’s bacon from the company's two brick-and-mortar stores in New York City and Kroger grocery stores and affiliates nationwide. These include King Sooper, Smith's and QFC.

A&B Distributors sells Benton’s bacon to restaurants at wholesale prices, delivering 12.5-pound packages of country smoked slab bacon to businesses in middle and East Tennessee daily.

Gourmet chefs use Benton’s smoked bacon and ham in their recipes, from Blackberry Farms in Tennessee to Chang’s in New York City. Benton began smoking ham in 1973, using a traditional hickory smoking process that cures the salt and brown sugar-rubbed meat for as long as 18 months before packaging. Esquire magazine declared the bacon “the world’s best” in a 2009 article.