Which Retailers Offer Online Shopping for Groceries and Food?

Which Retailers Offer Online Shopping for Groceries and Food?

Some online stores, such as Amazon.com and NetGrocer, offer grocery and food delivery to homes that might otherwise have trouble shopping for food on their own. Other stores include FreshDirect, GoBio!, ExpatExpress and Safeway. The latter only provides grocery delivery to certain areas with nearby participating stores.

Amazon.com offers a grocery subscription service for receiving food and groceries on a regular basis. This service delivers the wide range of products to one's home with free shipping with a subscription. Orders can be arranged to be delivered every one, two, three or four months.

MySupermarket is a service based in the United Kingdom for delivering groceries to supported cities. It offers price comparisons to local stores as well as the option for healthier options during purchase.

FreshDirect is a limited service that only delivers to the New York metro area. However, this service delivers fresh and organic food from local farms and dairies.

Safeway has a limited service range to certain area codes, but they have other features in exchange. Shoppers that are looking for something more specific can make a special order to Safeway when placing their order to receive items such as firmer tomatoes. As Safeway is a grocery store, they have a large selection of food items available already.