What Are the Best Restaurants in St. Kitts?

What Are the Best Restaurants in St. Kitts?

Some of the best quality and most popular restaurants in St. Kitts include Buddies Beach Hut, Sweet Cane and Sunset Beach Bar. Most high quality restaurants in St. Kitts are informal in nature, often located near beautiful coastal locations.

Rituals Sushi is not only one of the top restaurants on the island, it is also unique in that it offers sushi. A novelty compared to many other establishments in the area, the Asian themed interior and kimono-wearing waitresses help to create an authentic Japanese dining experience.

Sprat Net, located at Old Road, is one of the most popular places to dine. The establishment is run by local fishermen, which means they serve only the freshest lobster and fish here. The simple wooden decor and sea views complete the experience, and customers can watch their fish being cooked on the open grills.

PJ's Bar and Restaurant is a favorite for pizza lovers, and quality Italian cuisine is the focus of this establishment, which is popular with locals and tourists. The restaurant can be found at Frigate Bay North.

Adding to St. Kitts' eclectic mix of cuisine is the Bombay Blues, also found in Frigate Bay North. Here, the spicy delights of traditional Indian cuisine are enjoyed by faithful regulars as well as tourists.