How Do You Find Restaurants to Meet Friends at That Are Halfway Between Cities?


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Several websites can be used to find halfway points between two addresses. Let's Meet in the Middle, WhatsHalfway.com and MeetWays.com are three such options that help friends find halfway meeting points.

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WhatsHalfway.com lets the user input two addresses, then finds a destination halfway between the two points, either by distance or by an approximated amount of time. WhatsHalfway.com also lets the user select the kind of venue at which he wants to meet, including restaurants, bars, cafes, shopping centers or cultural attractions.

Meet Ways offers similar services, but allows users to select even more detailed options, such as Pizza or Coffee. It also has options to avoid highways and tolls on the route to the halfway point and lets users select their transportation, including car, walking, bicycling or public transportation.

Geomidpoint.com has a program called "Let's Meet in the Middle" that offers more limited options for locations at the halfway point, using a list that includes things such as Restaurants, Hotels and Golf. The site allows the input of more than two addresses.

It's important, when looking for a halfway point, to find a point halfway along the route the travellers intend to take, as opposed to a geographic halfway point, so that no one travels out of his way to get to the selected location.

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