What Restaurants Are Known for Their Beef Enchilada Recipes?

restaurants-known-beef-enchilada-recipes Credit: snyferok/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Restaurants known for their beef enchilada recipes include La Cocina de Frida and Nuevo Leon in Chicago, Spanish Village in Houston, and Tomasita’s in Santa Fe. These restaurants offer ground beef or steak enchiladas with a variety of sauces and toppings.

As of 2015, La Cocina de Frida’s menu contains a variety of enchiladas with different sauces, such as an epazote and garlic black-bean sauce, and a green tomatillo, jalapeno and garlic sauce. Various toppings are available, such as queso fresco and onions. In addition to beef, the restaurant serves enchiladas filled with chicken, fried plantains, vegetables, chorizo and potatoes.

An order of enchiladas at Nuevo Leon includes three corn-tortilla enchiladas with a choice of red, green or mole sauces. The enchiladas suizas also come topped with cheese, and both menu items come with rice and beans.

Spanish Village serves Enchiladas a la Taylor with a ground-beef filling and topped with melted cheese and diced onions. The enchilada is served with Mexican rice and refried beans. Patrons can order an accompanying side guacamole salad with carrots and celery.

The beef enchiladas at Tomasita’s are wrapped in blue corn tortillas and smothered with a choice of red or green sauces and topped with melted cheese. The restaurant includes complimentary fried sopapillas with honey butter for dessert with each main dish order.