How Do You Replace Sugar With Splenda in Cookie Recipes?

replace-sugar-splenda-cookie-recipes Credit: acfrank/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Replace the sugar in a cookie recipe with an equal amount of Splenda sweetener. Splenda also offers a sugar blend, which is made of half sugar and half Splenda sweetener. In this case, 1 cup of sugar is equal to 1/2 cup of Splenda sugar blend.

Splenda most closely resembles granulated white sugar. If this is the only type of sugar in the cookie recipe, all the sugar can be replaced with an equal amount of Splenda. For example, 1 cup of sugar is equal to 1 cup of Splenda. If the recipe calls for brown sugar, it may be advisable to use Splenda brown- sugar blend, which is equal to half the amount of regular sugar in the recipe. In this case, other elements of the recipe may also have to be adjusted.