How Do You Remove Egg Shells From Food?


Cracking eggs on a flat surface rather than the edge of a bowl helps to keep egg shells out of the bowl. If pieces of eggshell end up in the bowl anyway, using your finger to remove the egg shell is unhygienic, and using a spoon is often difficult.

  1. Retrieve a larger piece of shell

    Find a large piece of the cracked egg shell. A piece shaped like a scoop is best for removing smaller shell pieces from food.

  2. Use the shell as a scoop

    Dip the large piece of egg shell into the liquid eggs or other food. The broken piece of egg shell should adhere to this "scoop."

  3. Dispose of the egg shells

    Scoop the smaller pieces of shell out of the food, and throw both it and the "scoop" in the trash or garbage disposal.