How Do You Remove the Bitterness of Sugar Beets?

How Do You Remove the Bitterness of Sugar Beets?

To remove the bitterness of sugar beets, add spices during cooking, and use strong flavors such as acids to counteract the bitterness. Another method of removing bitterness from sugar beets is to blanch them.

Lessen the bitter taste of raw sugar beets by adding extra spices and syrups during the cooking process. Add sweet substances such as sugar, cinnamon and honey to counteract the bitterness.

Strong flavors such as garlic balance the bitterness of the sugar beets. Onions and other aromatic vegetables also work well. Sauté the sugar beets with the vegetables to combine their flavors and mellow out the dish.

Cooking the sugar beets in salt water helps with the acrid flavor. Acids such as vinegar and lemon juice are strong enough to counterbalance the flavor of the sugar beets.

It helps to serve the sugar beets with creamy or salty cheeses, such as feta, goat and ricotta. Add citrus fruits and nuts to increase the sweetness of the beets.

Blanching lessens the bitterness of sugar beets. To blanch the beets, boil them in water for one minute, and then run cold water over them. You can also braise the sugar beets over low heat for an extended period of time to remove some of their bitter flavor.