How Do You Refill a CBTL Capsule?

To reuse an old Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf capsule, simply remove the old grounds, clean the filters, refill the capsule with grounds, and cover it with a foil seal. Foil seals can be purchased online or made at home.

The inside of a CBTL capsule contains an upper and lower filter, which users can remove, as well as coffee or tea grounds. To refill a capsule, simply remove the foil covering and upper filter. Then, dump the used grounds, and remove the lower filter. Clean both filters thoroughly so no grounds are caught inside them. Replace the lower filter first, refill the capsule with coffee or tea grounds, and replace the upper filter.

Various websites sell foil seals to cover CBTL capsules that are safe to use with food. Some companies sell covers for much less than the price of new capsules, such as Another method is to cover the refilled capsule with foil tape or a piece of kitchen foil wrapped tightly around the capsule. Hardware stores often carry foil tape. However, it is not approved for use with food. It should not be necessary to cover the small hole made during the initial capsule use in the bottom of the capsule.