How Does a RedHead Food Dehydrator Work?


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A RedHead food dehydrator uses heat and continuous air circulation to slowly and evenly remove water from food items. While RedHead food dehydrators lack the large central columns found on many electrical food dehydrators, they work in much the same way.

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An electrical heating element in the base of the RedHead food dehydrator warms the air inside the machine. Meanwhile, one or more circulation fans cause air to constantly move in and out of the dehydration chamber. This steady current of warm air eventually carries away all of the moisture in the food items, making them inhospitable to bacteria, fungi and other pathogens.

RedHead food dehydrators have different drying settings for different types of food. Red meats require the highest temperatures, as these foods need rapid drying to prevent infection by pathogens. Fish also require relatively high temperatures, but most fish dry much faster than red meat. Vegetables and fruits require considerably lower temperatures. Using a very high temperature when drying fruits and vegetables causes hard, tough and unpalatable results.

Regardless of the kind of food being dried, cutting it into very thin pieces is necessary for adequate dehydration. Thick-cut foods may look dry on the outside, but retain moist interiors that encourage pathogens.

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