What Is Reconstituted Lemon Juice?

reconstituted-lemon-juice Credit: David Curtis/age fotostock/Getty Images

Reconstituted lemon juice is a fruit juice that has undergone two processes, one to remove the water and one to replace it. Reconstitution allows for the availability of fruit juices all year round and for more economical transportation.

The first process is called concentration. This involves using heat to evaporate water from the raw squeezed fruit juice. Hence, fruit juices that have been produced in this way are very often labeled as "made from concentrate," or something else to that effect. These juices will also be pasteurized for longevity.

Some other terms that might be found on fruit juices include:

  • Not from concentrate - pasteurized after squeezing
  • Pure juice 100 percent - not from concentrate or pasteurized
  • Juice drink - made with a low juice content of around 10-20 percent