What Are the Best Recipes That Use Ground Beef?


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According to allrecipes.com, the most popular ground beef recipes are the world's best lasagna, brown sugar meatloaf and baked ziti I. The website's staff picks include lasagna pepper boats, gyros burgers and Lori's spicy Chipotle lasagna.

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If ground beef is one of the meal's primary ingredients, fresh ground beef should be used to give the meal the best possible flavor. When ground beef is less of a focus, such as when it is used in a casserole or a sauce, frozen meat can be used without much difference in flavor.

Ground beef is often used to make hamburgers and meatballs. Dipping the hands in cold water before handling ground beef prevents it from sticking to the hands. It is also important to handle the meat gently. Ground beef shrinks more the higher the cooking temperature is, so cooking the meat longer at a moderate temperature works most effectively. Ground beef with a higher fat content tends to shrink more than leaner meats.

The juices in ground beef give it flavor. Ground beef should not be overcooked, because this will cause the juices to evaporate. It also shouldn't be pressed down while cooking, as this presses out the juices. Frozen ground beef should be thawed before cooking, as the meat's juices freeze to ice crystals.

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