What Are Some Recipes for Powder Sugar Cookie Icing?


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Some recipes for sugar cookie frosting using powdered sugar include royal icing from Martha Stewart, a sugar cookie glaze and sugar cookie frosting with shortening. It is possible to dye all of these frosting recipes with food coloring.

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For the royal icing from Martha Stewart, combine 1 pound of powdered sugar and 5 tablespoons of meringue powder in a bowl. Alternatively, use 2 egg whites instead of the meringue powder. Mix on low speed, and add about 1/2 cup of water, mixing until the icing is the correct consistency. Add more water for a thinner consistency and food coloring if you want a certain color. This recipe has a rating of 3.5 out of five stars, as of 2015.

For the sugar cookie frosting, add 4 cups of powdered sugar and 1/2 cup of shorting to a bowl, mixing until smooth. Add 5 tablespoons of mix and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Mix until smooth, and color with food coloring if necessary. This recipe has 4.5 out of five stars.

For the sugar cookie glaze, mix 1 cup of powdered sugar, 1 tablespoon of light corn syrup and 2 tablespoons of water in a bowl. Add food coloring. It is necessary to stir the glaze each time before using, as it may dry with a mottled look instead of solid color. This recipe has 4.5 out of five stars.

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