What Are Some Recipes for Lobster Bisque Created by Hotel Restaurants?


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Not all restaurants publish their signature recipes, but some available hotel recipes for lobster bisque include ones by Michael Caines, the Ritz-Carlton and, as of 2014, the famous Hotel Atlantic. The Hotel Atlantic is credited with being the original recipe, but there are many similarities among the recipes' respective ingredients and methods.

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Apart from the obvious ingredient, lobsters, all of the recipes call for base vegetables such as onions, carrots, celery or fennel to be diced finely, and a selection of aromatic spices and herbs including star anise, cumin, pepper and bay to be added. The chosen vegetables and seasonings are sweated together in a little oil to release the maximum amount of flavor before the cooked lobster flesh is added and heated for a short while to absorb those flavors.

Even more color and flavor is added with tomato puree and other similar ingredients when the base is cooked through. Once the heat is removed and the dish blended, it is enriched with cream, milk or lobster stock according to the chosen restaurant's style. Additional lobster meat is usually added to bowls before the dish is served. Some restaurants use large shrimp instead, while others add vegetables such as mangetout to the base of the serving bowls before the soup is poured individually into each at the table.

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