What are some recipes for gumdrop cookies?


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Some gumdrop cookie recipes include Gumdrop Cookies, Oatmeal Gumdrop Cookies and Gumdrop Cookies from Mr. Food. These cookies are extra sweet with the chewy gumdrops in the mix.

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The first Gumdrop Cookies recipe is simple and quick to make. From start to finish it's about 35 minutes for them to be served. The gumdrops can be sweet or spice flavored. Cooks can use all one color if they want to take the time to pick them out of the bag or use the mixed colors for a more festive-looking color.

The Oatmeal Gumdrop cookies take a bit longer to cook due to the brown sugar and oats that are in them. The cooking time and prep time isn't actually that long, averaging to just about 50 minutes, but they need to chill for about 2 hours in the refrigerator. The recipe also calls for the gumdrops to be chopped up instead of whole like the Taste of Home recipe.

A more basic Gumdrop Cookies are the simplest because instead of mixing flour and other ingredients to make the dough, this recipe uses yellow cake mix. This recipe is a really simple dump-and-mix type recipe. Once the cookies are mixed and put on a cookie sheet, additional gumdrops can be added to the top as an extra pop of flavor and color.

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