What Are Some Recipes to Feed 100 People?


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Spaghetti with red sauce, sloppy Joes and lasagna are common choices for feeding large parties. The recipes for these dishes are simple and the ingredients scale well from simple recipes for a small family. Spaghetti and lasagna have the additional advantage of being easy enough to modify to accommodate vegetarian guests with only minor variations The recipe for spaghetti with red sauce can be as simple as cooking 20 pounds of pasta and heating 20 jars of sauce.

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For many dishes, the recipe to serve 100 people is simply a scaled-up version of a family size recipe. However, factors affecting the choice of recipe include how many people are doing the cooking, what the kitchen facilities are and the event itself. With limited stove or oven space, recipes that work well when cooked in advance have an advantage. If many people must cook in separate locations, concerns over cooking time and keeping food warm lessen.

Recipes such as spaghetti and lasagna are easy to modify for those with different dietary needs. Meatballs can be added to the sauce in a proportion roughly equal to the meat-lovers in attendance. Lasagna can be made in separate batches, some of which contain meat while the rest don't. Leftovers are easy to package and send home with guests.

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