What Are Some Recipes for the Dessert Bullet?

What Are Some Recipes for the Dessert Bullet?

Some recipes for the Dessert Bullet are Vegan Berry Sorbet, Dairy Free Banana Split and Nut-Free New Fashioned Chocolate. Gluten-Free Raspberry Banana is another recipe for the Dessert Bullet.

Many of the Dessert Bullet recipes utilize frozen bananas, as they become very similar to ice cream in nature when processed. For instance, the Dairy Free Banana Split calls for a frozen banana in place of ice cream, along with frozen cherries and pineapple chunks. Cacao nibs and raw chopped pecans round it out for a healthy, authentically tasting version of banana split. Chocolate sauce and whipped topping are optional, as these will add excess calories, dairy, and sugar to the dessert.

It is even possible to use a frozen banana to make a chocolate ice cream substitute with the Dessert Bullet. This recipe is called New Fashioned Chocolate, and it consists of only two ingredients: frozen banana and cacao powder. A small drop of gluten-free vanilla extract is also optional.

Another recipe for the Dessert Bullet that calls for only two ingredients is Raspberry Banana. In this recipe, bananas and raspberries combine to create a healthy and tasty dessert.

The Dessert Bullet is a kitchen appliance that turns all-natural ingredients like frozen fruit into healthy desserts in a matter of seconds. All of the dessert recipes for the Dessert Bullet are dairy-free, gluten-free, diabetic friendly, low fat, low sugar and low calorie.