What Are Some Recipes for Cranberry Sauce Made From Jello?


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To make cranberry sauce using Jell-O, process twelve ounces of frozen cranberries, four peeled oranges and four peeled and chopped apples in a food processor. Combine one package of strawberry Jell-O and one cup of sugar with the fruit mixture. Refrigerate for four hours minimum.

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Alternative Jell-O flavor choices include raspberry, black cherry or cherry. For a looser sauce, add one-half to one cup of hot water to the Jell-O packet and sugar first before combining with the fruit mixture. Refrigerate this variation at least eight hours or overnight. The sugar content is recommended but not necessary for optimal flavor and can be reduced based on preference. Finely chopped pecans, jalapeño and pineapple are all optional additions to this sauce for increased depth of flavor.

Cranberry sauce is most commonly served as a dressing for American and British holiday meals, most notably Thanksgiving in the United States and Christmas in the United Kingdom. Traditionally paired with turkey, cranberry sauce compliments most poultry, including goose, duck and chicken. As a vegetarian accompaniment, this sauce matches well with Brussels sprouts, polenta and sweet potatoes. Cranberry sauce is a versatile addition to any meal that packs a flavorful punch to all of your favorite dishes.

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