What Are the Best Recipes for Cooking Venison?

What Are the Best Recipes for Cooking Venison?

The best recipes for cooking venison involve slow-cooking to allow the meat to become tender. Venison stew, which contains venison, carrots and potatoes is an example of a venison recipe that becomes tender and flavorful over time.

The best recipes for cooking venison involves little prep work and a long, slow cooking time. First, cube the venison into bite-sized pieces. Dredge the meat in flour and brown in olive oil. Add three chopped onions, two cloves garlic, bay leaf, oregano and salt to taste. Cover this and simmer until tender, approximately one hour.

When the meat is tender, add seven small potatoes. These can be fingerling potatoes, which do not need to be peeled, or peeled and cubed Irish potatoes. Next, add 1 pound of chopped carrots to the mixture. Continue cooking until the mixture is tender.

After the meat and vegetables are tender, combine 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup all-purpose flour together. Blend well to remove any lumps. Once the roux is satisfactorily combined, slowly add it to the venison mixture. Continue to stir to prevent lumps.

Once the stew has thickened, continue to simmer. Serve over rice or with hot baked rolls and a green salad for a complete meal.