What Are Some Recipes for the Bella Roaster Oven?

Recipes for a Bella roaster oven include roast turkey and baked ham with honey glaze. There are also a number of cakes that can be made in a roaster oven.

A recipe for perfect turkey in an electric roaster oven requires cooking the bird at the highest temperature setting, notes Food.com. Before cooking, rub the bird with olive oil or butter and seasonings of choice. If desired, stuff it loosely with a 3/4 cup of stuffing per pound of turkey. Place the bird in the roaster's insert pan and roast it. Keep the lid on during cooking and the bird will self-baste.

Everyday Good Thinking has ten recipes for foods that require a roaster besides turkey, including cakes such as harvest apple or almond pound cake as well as oven-roasted beef stew and honey roasted spare ribs.

Baked ham requires honey, orange juice and brown sugar to make a glaze, notes Hamilton Beach. Before cooking, score the fat of the ham into a diamond design and stud it with cloves. Bake the ham in the roaster oven for 1 hour before spooning over half of the glaze and roasting a further hour. For the last 10 minutes, add the remaining glaze to set it.