What Is a Recipe to Roast Sunflower Seeds at Home?

Roast sunflower seeds by letting the seeds rest in salt water, drying them and heating them in an oven. Add more salt or melted butter, if desired.

To roast sunflower seeds, first dissolve about one-third of a cup of salt in 2 quartz of water. Put the sunflower seeds in the water, and let them absorb the salt overnight or boil the seeds in the salted water for a few hours. Preheat your oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, drain the seeds and dry them with a dish towel. Alternatively, let them sit on absorbent paper towels until they're all dry.

Once dry, spread the seeds evenly on a baking sheet, and roast them for about 40 minutes. Make sure to jiggle them after about 20 minutes to roast them evenly. Once they're ready, take them out of the oven, and let them sit until they cool down. Make sure to store the sunflower seeds in an airtight container.

For some variety, you can also add more salt or melted butter after the seeds are out of the oven. If you grow your own sunflowers, let the flower heads dry before uncovering the seeds. Then go through the seeds to pick out bad pieces.