What Is a Recipe for a Mimosa Champagne Drink?


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The mimosa is a simple, two-ingredient drink that is appropriate for most special occasions. All it takes is three parts chilled champagne and one part orange juice to enjoy this brunch classic.

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To make the mimosa, combine the champagne and orange juice in a pitcher or wine glass, and serve chilled. When serving large quantities from a pitcher, wait until the last minute to add the champagne, so that it doesn't go flat and lose its carbonation.

Add some flare and festivity by placing frozen berries in the glass. Raspberries, blueberries and strawberries add subtle flavor to the cocktail while also adding a burst of color to the glass. Giving each guest a specific fruit in her glass is a way of distinguishing who each glass belongs to whom at crowded brunches. The frozen berries also help to keep the drink chilled without watering down the flavor and flattening the champagne, as ice often does when it melts.

Another variation of the drink is to add additional fruit juice, including mango nectar and pineapple juice, for a sweeter and more tropical taste. A "pomosa" replaces the orange juice in the drink with pomegranate juice and seeds, for a tart flavor and a bright, festive color.

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