What Is a Recipe for Chicken Rice Casserole That Does Not Use Dairy?


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Blogs, such as My Wise Mom, Meaningful Eats and Don't Miss Dairy, provide recipes for chicken and rice casserole that substitute almond milk, homemade cashew cream or non-dairy soups for traditional dairy ingredients. The recipes also typically include rice, chicken, vegetables and spices.

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Casseroles, such as chicken and rice casserole, can be made creamy without using dairy by utilizing homemade or commercial substitutes. Cashew cream is a simple option that can be made with raw cashews, water or broth and a blender. The cashews are soaked overnight, then drained and blended with a little liquid to a creamy consistency. The cream can also be used in desserts and pasta dishes.

Almond milk is a readily available commercial substitution, but has a thinner consistency than cream. For casserole recipes, cooks may want to thicken the almond milk with flour, as in the recipe from Don't Miss Dairy. When making the casserole in a slow cooker, cooks may simplify the thickening process by simply combining the flour and almond milk, then letting the slow cooker do the rest.

Soup often adds the creamy texture in popular casseroles, but there are few non-dairy alternatives on the market. My Wise Mom recommends using homemade cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soup as a straightforward substitution.

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