What Is the Best Recipe for Barbecue Pork Ribs?

recipe-barbecue-pork-ribs Credit: Daniel Loiselle/E+/Getty Images

One recipe for best-ever barbecued ribs uses 8 pounds of baby back ribs, and creates a dry rub out of kosher salt, cayenne pepper, dry mustard, black pepper and paprika. The ribs can be cooked in the oven the same day or baked up to three days in advance.

To make the best-ever barbecued ribs, sit the ribs on a double layer of aluminum foil, and sprinkle it with the dry rub. Wrap foil around each rack of ribs, and divide the ribs between two baking sheets. Bake the ribs until tender, unwrap the foil, and pour meat juices into a glass measuring cup. Allow the ribs to completely cool before grilling them on a medium-hot grill. While the ribs are cooking on the grill, baste the meat with a sauce made with barbecue sauce, low-sodium chicken broth and the reserved meat juices.

Honey-soy barbecue pork ribs have an appealing Asian flavor and the recipe makes enough to serve eight people. To make this recipe, rinse and dry two slabs of pork spareribs, and remove the membrane from the ribs using a sharp knife. Cook the ribs in a large pot, and transfer them to a baking dish. In a bowl, combine honey, soy sauce, dried red pepper, garlic powder and sherry, and pour it over the ribs.